About Us

The University of Miami has established University Compliance Services (UCS) to coordinate ongoing compliance activity efforts and assess University performance. UCS coordinates numerous existing compliance initiatives and further provides guidance on the University's compliance activities.

The University of Miami is committed to operating the institution with integrity in compliance with laws, regulations, and policies of our community. The University expects the highest standards of ethical conduct from its members and is dedicated to upholding its prestigious reputation as a leading institution in academic and research in the world. UM expects members of the community to inform the appropriate contacts on campus if they have observed unethical, illegal, or suspicious activity. Those who have concerns regarding possible noncompliance with federal, state, or local laws and regulation in addition to University policies are expected to report these issues promptly. UM prohibits any retaliation against individuals who report or seek guidance on possible ethical or compliance issues in good faith (Whistleblower Protection Statement).