Focus Areas

University Compliance Services (UCS) is responsible for the overall implementation of the University's compliance and ethics program and promotes a culture of accountability and ethics.

Although UCS does not have a direct reporting relationship for decentralized departmental compliance functions, UCS does provide general oversight. Some examples include but are not limited to: monitoring University-wide regulatory reporting obligations; escalating issues as needed;, performing compliance gap assessments and compliance reviews; assessing completion metrics of compliance training and education; providing leadership compliance monitoring dashboards; and interacting on a regular basis with departmental compliance areas.

Below are some of the decentralized compliance areas/programs that UCS collaborates with in fulfilling our mission of promoting ethical conduct and commitment to compliance:

  • Alcohol and Other Drug Programs
  • Athletics Compliance
  • Conflicts of Interest (Purchasing)
  • Conflicts of Interest (Research)
  • Export Control
  • GDPR
  • Information Security
  • ORA - Research Compliance
  • Office of Privacy and Data Security
  • Student Affairs
  • Title IX
  • Youth Programs and Activities