Report a Concern

Should you wish to address your concerns related to violations of University policies and procedures and local, state, and federal rules and regulations, you are encouraged to meet first with your supervisor or department head, as they are best equipped and qualified to handle your concerns.

The following departments are available to assist you with your concerns related to:

Athletics Compliance Office

Tel: (305) 284-2692

Environmental Health & Safety

Tel: (305) 243-3400

Faculty Affairs

Gables/RSMAS Tel: (305) 284-3386
Medical Tel: (305) 243-6551

Human Resources

Gables/RSMAS Tel: (305) 284-3798
Medical Tel: (305) 243-6482

Office of Audit & Advisory Services

Tel: (305) 284-2605

Office of Billing Compliance

Tel: (305) 243-5842

Office of HIPAA Privacy & Security

Tel: (305) 243-5000

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

Tel: (305) 284-4922

Research Compliance

Tel: (305) 284-4538

Title IX Coordinator

Tel: (305) 284-8625